Monday, February 26, 2024

264 | After Dinner Lounge – I'm Not the Dinner Guest I Thought I Was

Michael, Rob, Pax, and Evan talk about important topics like backing into parking spaces, automatic windshield wipers and headlights, imaginary friends, The Holdovers, The Artful Dodger, jazz, Three Musketeers movies, Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition by David Nirenberg, Moriarty: The Devil's Game, making time to write, and podcasts about JFK and Jack the Ripper.


  1. Being about a decade older than most of you the defining Three Musketeers movies are the Salkind films from 1973-74 with Oliver Reed, Michael York, etc. etc. The screenplay by George McDonald Fraser is exquisite with lots of little things on the side to notice. I think the "Brat Pack" version is inferior and much as I like Tim Curry I disagree with how they decided to portray Cardinal Richelieu.

  2. The Salkind films have been on my To Do list for waaaay too long. I remember catching part of one of them on TV as a kid and it's probably what sparked my love for these characters and even the whole swashbuckling genre.

    My only excuse for not watching them before now is that I keep meaning to start a project to watch all the Musketeer movies and shows I can get my hands on and I just haven't done that yet.

    As much as I love the Brat Pack actors, I agree that that version is very Disneyfied. The costumes look like costumes, for example, not actual period clothing.

    What do you think of the 1998 Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DiCaprio and Gabriel Byrne? That's another strong one for me (though I haven't read that book to compare it to yet).