Tuesday, December 5, 2023

235 | Holiday Affair (1949)

This Christmas season on After Lunch - like with the last couple of years - we’re going to be re-running a bunch of episodes from Michael's old Sleigh Bell Cinema podcast. This is going to be an especially busy year though, because we’re running discussions of what we call Holiday Spirit movies. 

Unlike Tangential Christmas movies, these are undeniably about the Holiday Season, but without a lot of fantastical elements like Santa or his elves and reindeer. If there’s magic, it’s going to be subtle or ambiguous. There are a lot of these movies though; it’s easily the biggest category that we talked about on Sleigh Bell Cinema. So we’re going to be running an episode a day for the next couple of weeks. 

To kick this off, we want to start with a movie that Rob and Michael keep referring back to. In fact, it’s come up in the last three episodes on the show. From 1949, it’s Holiday Affair starring Janet Leigh, Robert Mitchum, and Wendell Corey. And featuring Colonel Potter himself, Harry Morgan, in a small role. It’s one of Michael's favorite Christmas movies, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out what Rob thought. So please listen and enjoy and let us know whether you’re Team Steve or Team Carl.

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